About our organization

Do you know what ČAS is? (by coincidence ČAS means “time” in the Czech language; and for Czech nurses it also means the abbreviated of the name of their professional organization)

The Czech Association of Nurses is an expert, professional, volunteer, non-profit and non-political organization with legal subjectivity. It is the largest professional organization of nurses and other health care professionals in the Czech Republic. It is open to all nurses and other health care professionals regardless of their nationality or religion, working in health care, social care, education and in the private sector. The Czech Association of Nurses represents the interests of Czech nurses and their clients.

Who manages the Czech Association of Nurses?

The supreme body of the Czech Association of Nurses is the Forum of Delegates, consisting of the associations' members. The Forum of Delegates elects the 9-member Presidium and the Auditing Committee. The seat of the Czech Association of Nurses is Prague.

Česká asociace sester, o.s., Londýnská 15, 120 00 Praha 2

Bank account:
Komerční banka Praha 1, account number: 27033021/0100, constant symbol: 379

The objectives of the Czech Association of Nurses

  1. Support the activities focused on the realization of national and international programs, whose aim is the training of nurses, midwives and other health care professionals.
  2. Participate on changes of the health care system in the Czech Republic.
  3. Cooperate with government authorities and other professional and trade organizations to promote the free movement of workforce within the EU and beyond.
  4. Create effective tools to ensure the safety and quality of nursing services, in accordance with the needs of individuals, groups and communities.
  5. Support activities increasing the recognition of nurses and health care professionals by the society.
  6. Represent the providers of the home care nursing services and create effective tools to enforce their rights.

How can we achieve the objectives?

By our activities in the field of legislation, standardization of nursing care, education and publishing. By organizing press conferences, which will draw the society´s attention to the relevant issues. By the cooperation with international professional organizations, with the Medical Chamber, the Dental Chamber, the Chamber of Pharmacists and other medical organizations, also with the Ministry of Health, the Parliament of the Czech Republic and other governmental institutions. In the field of the labor law, we closely cooperate with the Trade union of workers in the public health and social care.

Who can become a member of the Czech Association of Nurses?

Any nurse, midwife, laboratory technician, pharmacy assistant, pubic health assistant, nutritional therapist or other health care professional, who performs, has performed or prepares to perform her/his profession according to the valid regulations, can become a member of ČAS.

The activity of the Czech Association of Nurses

ČAS has a worldwide reputation of an active professional organization that is interested in positive development in the field of nursing care. Our membership in the International Council of Nurses (INC), located in Geneva, and our membership in the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN), located in Brussels, serve as a proof.

The activities of the Czech Association of Nurses consist of the work of our „sections“ (groups representing different nursing or other specialities) and our „regions“ (groups of health care professionals working in a certain geographical area). The individual sections and regions organize regular professional educational events, seminar and conferences. ČAS is actively participating in international conferences and symposiums in the Czech Republic and abroad.

All of those who care about where our nursing care and health care is going and those who want to take part in the process of transformation, changes and development, can actively join our organization.

All of those who are interested in the promotion of the Czech Association of Nurses and in participation in our organization, can contact us on: info@cnna.cz. We are ready to provide detailed information to you.


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